Events 2022

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To purchase a L u x u r i o u s S h e a r l i n g , a lambskin tunic, or swing coat, off the rack or custom sized

by Toshiki & Maryszka



T o s h i k i  a n d  M a r y s z k a . c o m

to shop!


Get in the Queue for 2022!

See us at one of the following shows to  purchase off the rack,

or to get  measured for  a  custom piece


Also available on FaceTime  or Zoom


More will be added, Stay tuned for Updates!



Paradise City Arts Marlborough

March 18,19 & 20, 2022


O0AK Chicago

April  29-May  1, 2022


Holiday Craft Morristown

December 9-11, 2022


Call or text Maryszka at 212.475.8324

Want to talk one on one about your fab dreamcoat?

Set up a FaceTime or Zoom appointment!


for  pricing, more info, or private virtual appointments

to see more images and candid shots

email to be added to our mailing list

for show notifications and comp tickets when available


14 responses to “Events 2022

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  11. Saw the show in Albany! Loved your jackets! I liked the black poncho with leather trim. Is it for sale?

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