tbt to Last Week!-New Years Eve, Feeling Refreshed

Ending the year with good friends, good food, art, and a walk on the beach.

We are ready to design anew, create a new collection!

To get the juices flowing we visited The Parrish Museum in Water Mill on the East End of Long Island, to see

Steven and William Ladd:Mary Queen of the Universe

Alan Sheilds:In Motion

and wandering all the exhibits in this wonderful space

Here’s a review in the NY Times

Take a peek at our day, or better yet, get there yourself before January 19

and check our 2015 show schedule……updated as we know!

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The Uncommon Tourist

A whirlwind of three days of a visit from my good friend Bärbel from the Telluride Gallery of Art

She is from Germany, resides in Colorado, first trip to Long Island, arrived by Ferry

Always so invigorating to spend time, even in familiar places, with a friend who is so alive with enthusiasm for every morsel of life

A day out east gave us Art & Nature

The rest was girl time, long talks and shopping, and of course good meals with Toshiki

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At The Parrish, Tokyo Brushstroke

A Breath of Fresh Air

A couple weekends ago, while staying out on the east end of Long Island, we visited for the first time, the new Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill.

Even though the plans had to be downsized dramatically during the financial crisis of 2007-2008, I think the result is grand.

Designed as a large barn, and taking in the wonderful natural light that inspired so many artists that moved to the area to make what is now “the Hamptons”, I was totally awe inspired and in love, thrilled to be combining my love of the ocean beached with my love of art, to make a perfect weekend.

I’m joining.



The shed was inspiriing!


The walk from the parking lot, landscaped.


Beautiful interior, at first stop.


Main show was Michelle Stuart : Drawn from Nature.


Below some snaps of permanent collection.



Loved this slow video piece by Peter Campus

“Passage at Bellport Harbor”



Exterior space for concerts & talks.

View of Duckwalk Vineyards next door.





In awe.