Creating and Expressing Personal Style

I opened Women’s Month at the Brooklyn Museum, to view two exhibitions of female expression. I went for Marilyn Minter, but I came away with Georgia O’Keefe.

Georgia O’Keefe

Never a huge fan of her paintings, I learned so much about the whole woman, her attention to the details of her life, how meticulous she was about her clothing, beautifully documented by the great photographers in her life.

Never knew, and blown away.

Many garments made with her own hands, many carefully chosen and cherished for construction, simplicity of design, and tactile feel of natural fiber.

 Had a lunch break to avoid whiplash between these two powerful shows!

Marilyn Minter

Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui

I slipped into Brooklyn on thursday to check one more thing off my list.

So glad I did.

I got to see the work of Ghanaian artist El Anatsui

These multi faceted voluminous draping and standing pieces transform rough metal waste such as tin can lids, bottle tops, bottle neck wrappers………multiples of found objects, into such warm and sensual work,  bring a whole new dimension to the possibilities of “green”.

The revelation came to him when he found a discarded bag of bottle tops, and has been using many hands in his home base in Nigeria to create these masterful pieces.

Ends today, at The Brooklyn Museum. Not sure if it travels.

Also on The Highline, thru the end of the month.