Riding Boots & Bespoke Shoes Hand Crafted in New York City

Ever since I moved to New York in my early 20’s, I would wander around lower Manhattan before it was “Soho”, I would pass by a shop with an oval sign hanging above a small shop on a tiny little street. It had an image of a riding boot, and said Vogel Handmade Boots. Intriguing, and not at all what I expected to find there, although that area used to be primarily manufacturing, and where we would shop for buttons and zippers and trims.

Now that we are showing our shearling coats at The Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton, NY, I had the chance to meet Hank Vogel, the 3rd generation boot maker (his son is the 4th) in a company that began in 1879! A very nice man with a million dollar smile, carrying on the tradition.