Weekend Update, Looking for Inspiration

We walked the streets of New York this weekend to see what was going on uptown in fashion, in display, something to move us mentally forward

as we begin the new year. The city itself is always inspiring, but the takeaway was, HANDMADE rules.


The pussy willows on Central Park South made us pause


As did the Dodo Boutique, with its fabulous wall of flowers



But the absolutely BEST was Vogue Knitting Live, if you are a fiber lover,

Met up with fellow makers, jeweler Cara Romano who incorporates fiber into her pieces


Long Island Livestock Co., who have a line of wonderful natural yarns, and truth be told I visit their farm whenever possible to see the gorgeous creatures, Llamas, Alpacas, Sheep their fibers come from


And the BEST of all Felt Makers, Miriam Carter, whose collection of Hats and Garment are beyond compare!



Vogue Knitting Live! NYC

I am going to the opening of Vogue Knitting Live  tonight at the New York Marriott Marquis,

for inspiration, and to see the beautiful yarns from Long Island Livestock Company,

(remember those Llamas and Alpacas I am in love with at her farm?)

textile inspired Jewelry by Cara Romano,

felted work by Miriam Carter,

and so much more I don’t even know about yet!


This is my first time, so excited!

tonight the marketplace is open 5-8

check their website for more info, demostrations, millions of classes

it all sounds so interesting!