Craftspeople in Their Own Words


Our copy of this wonderful book, written by our peers, under the editorial guidance of David Bacharach, Valerie Hector, Ken Girardini and Susan Levi-Goerlich, arrived this weekend. A very ambitious project by all involved to document some of our stories and history of this modern Craft movement, is beautifully put together. All profits from the sale of the book will benefit CERF+, an invaluable safety net for artisans.

And if you participate in this movement as a collector, you have kept us going, and this is part of your story too! Pick up a copy.

Thank-you all!

History is being written every moment, and this week we bring our new work to ACC Baltimore, we are in Booth 1601


Here we are, visually. We did not submit a story, this time.



Baltimore 2017!

Crabcakes and Craft!

What more could you ask for, so head to Baltimore February 24-26 for it all

ACC Baltimore

we are in booth 1601


Wether you are seeking a special one of a kind jacket, or a simple every day,  beautifully made, functional, coat,we will work with you to select and/or make the perfect shearling, to best enhance you and your wardrobe!

 Our skins are of the ultimate lightness, and our construction techniques eliminate bulk, so you can enjoy your very special jacket, off the rack or custom fit, for years to come.
Hope to see you!

Baltimore Wrap Up

Kicked off 2016 with a bang, and want to thank all, new clients and old, that found us among 600+ great artist/makers to chose from at

ACC Baltimore.…..we hope you love your purchases for many years to come!

We began our set up with a proper lunch at Faidley’s, to give us strength and put us in that Baltimore mood!

Sharing some pics of the fun and serious fashion in the 400 aisle, the aisle for style!

See you next year!

All Time Fave

I post a lot of pics of our peplam style jacket

She is so cute, so sexy, so unlike your notion of what a shearling is……… so unbulky!

And she is loved and purchased by many.

But our most popular and best selling style is one that doesn’t photograph with as much pizazz, so I tend not to post as many shots of it.

We call it our Swing Coat, albeit it is a modified version of a swing.

It is so comfortable, fits over anything, comfort of a jacket, but functions like a coat, and with the fine lambskin edging and tailoring, a class act that will take you anywhere.

Here is one of the more subdued versions, bright colors and other details in stock as well.

ACC Baltimore Booth 403        Feb 19-21

Felted Hat by Miriam Carter


In Two Weeks……..

After two months in the studio we will be packing up our new work for a string of shows

So if you are sick of those same old coats we have worn so much this winter, come get a fresh one!

Here are your chances!

ACC Baltimore

booth 1003

February 20-22, 2015


Morristown, NJ

March 13-15

Paradise City Marlborough

Marlborough, Ma

booth 149

March 20-22, 2015

See you soon!

below, the inverted peplum in cappucino merino shearling with lambskin trim


Baltimore Wrap

ACC Baltimore is a big show.

Over the years we have many repeat customers who come thru, and it is always fun for them to dress the part, wearing some of their favorite acquisitions as they browse

for the latest item that makes their heart pound. We have been lucky to see & hear of our work passing thru, and it does not go unnoticed!

This year we had two come by wearing one of a kind pieces from our days of quilting Leather.

Both loved and well worn, no one could remember if it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago?  And still enjoying them!

Do you have a “Vintage” piece of ours?

Send a pic, or wear it to the next show, and I will take one!


John wore a vest he commissioned, and Melissa had on a vest and a jacket! Thanks for stopping by!



Happy Valentine’s?

Didn’t pan out like you had hoped?







Toshiki & Maryszka Shearlings

Toshiki & Maryszka Shearlings

Blue is for Baltimore

Winter is…………………………….shoveling snow

  dealing with things like the polar vortex,

bundling up, scarves, boots, double hat days…….

slush     slush     slush

feeling frumpy most of the time

Need a refresher?

We have been hunkering down in the studio, working on B L U E  shearling for ACC Baltimore

Come see us, in Booth 2308

Feb. 21-23
Baltimore Convention Center
It’s a three-day celebration of all things handmade! Please join us as more than 650 of the top contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, and home décor artists from across the country gather under one roof. It’s your chance to touch, feel, and explore high-quality American craft like you’ve never seen before! This is the American Craft Council’s flagship show – a must-attend for craft lovers.



for designs news, show news, show admission coupons

and inspiration!

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Happy New Year!

This picture I took at the Post Office on 34th St. saturday has nothing to do with anything but COLD, and that is our inspiration.

I love the cold (when I am dressed for it)

2˚ saturday, 57˚ today

Shockingly cold forecast for tonight.

If you didn’t pop for that shearling at a show this fall, we are working on new designs and colors to kick off the season at ACC Baltimore

Can’t wait till then?

Give us a call.  212.475.8324 or email


Women of Color

Set up day, ACC Baltimore

Artists reunite on the floor of the convention center

So much fun to reconnect with so much creativity under one roof

You can never accuse rugmakers

Claudia Mills


Meg Little

of being blank palettes in their lives or work!

If you didn’t catch them here, check their websites for where you can see their wonderful work


Materials that Inspire

Back from the Baltimore show late sunday nite.

Requests for leather jackets.

Monday unpack.

Tuesday into the city to the Trend leather show.

Grain, quality, thickness or thinnest, finish, uniformity, color.

So much to inspect.

Great to meet the Europeans from their wonderful  tanneries.

Toshiki chooses some beautiful skins from a French tannery

IMG_1305 IMG_1306

Be Mine Shearling Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

If someone comes up short, and you get an IOU; or you just want to treat yourself to the luxury you deserve (and you know it!) visit Toshiki & Maryszka in booth #1403 to see supple shearlings next week at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore.

Something this good is always worth waiting for!


A Little Shearling Vest for #Nemo!

I’m naming it the Nemette! We’ll have it in Baltimore, less than 2 weeks away!

The Nemo!                                                                                                                 The Nemette.


_DSC0152 - Version 2