What is Possible:Wearable, or Not, Art

Toshiki and I have committed our lives to creating work for the body, hands on every piece, experimenting over the years with different techniques both by hand, and machine, so of course taking in the current show at The Met was inspiring.

The craft world has an opportunity to be an incubator to encourage artisans to push the limits…..to showcase them and give them a marketplace for a livelyhood that allows them to explore…..lets see more of it!

Below an explanation of the show, and then highlights of some of our favorites


Feeling Blue

Feeling blue on this very rainy day, that does not feel

like spring.

Somehow this image of Michaela in our color block fringed jacket fits my melancholy mood. ┬áIt’s a one of a kind, and available….size six.

Call me.


And by the way, in reference to my last post,

we didn’t make the cut.

Feeling Blue.