Happiness to All!

Thank You All, that came out to shows this year and supported our work!

I have hardly had a moment to breath in december, held our last Truck Show at addo in Sag Harbor this past weekend

(they still have some of our work, so stop by)

Such a great way to end the year!


I received this wonderful “thank-you” from a customer from only one week ago….Makes it all so rewarding!

“Last Saturday at the Morristown Crafts Show my husband purchased for me the Spanish Shearling fitted coat. We had no intention of setting out to buy me a coat, but in that moment when we looked into your booth and saw the exquisite designs and perfection of craft……… it was a question we did not even have to ask. Then putting the coat on was a visual transformation as it captured for me qualities of playfulness, sophistication and allure. The practical side is that it is deliciously warm. I know that I will always delight in wearing it, and also delight in the spontaneity of the purchase.”


Happy Holidays to All!


One of my breathable moments at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


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