Do You Think Handcraft is Expensive?

I have often used the hashtag “SlowFashion” to describe what we do, and to raise a subtle consciousness about how carefully we make our work. We hope you buy one of our coats, cherish it, use it, wear it for a very very long time.

It will last and serve you!

It is not an easy way to make a living, and pride in our work definitely trumps a focus on the bottom line.

Recently I have watched two programs bringing light to the extreme opposite of what we do, or “Fast Fashion”.

One, a very good segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:Fashion  on HBO

If you’ve got 17 minutes, watch it

And The New York Times movie review covered a film out today for more coverage on this

Review: ‘The True Cost’ Investigates High Price of Fashion Bargains

Oh yea. Then there is the Etsy/Alibaba issue. Just google it, if you think you are buying exclusively Hand Made on Etsy!

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