Throwing Back to the Time I was a Young Weaver

Most of you don’t know that my life before leather and shearling was that of textiles.

Growing up loving all things Art & Craft, In college I found my way to the University of

Utah because of its 3d department, expecially the room full of looms, a glass cube set

in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. I spent many all nighters in there,

for the shear love of it, weaving my heart out, watching the sunrise over those hills.

Taking semester breaks back to New York to take classes at FIT in fabric design,

I finished up at the U of U with a BFA in Designer Crafts

(guess I have actually used my degree!)

While in Utah , the great painter and professor Alvin Gittins captured me

with skeins of some yarn I had dyed,

wearing my signature style at the time, a turban and a jacket from Army/Navy surplus.

I love this painting, and feel so lucky for this time of my life spent in Utah.

My Portrait72dpi

One response to “Throwing Back to the Time I was a Young Weaver

  1. What am exquisite portrait …..extremely classic! I love that we share the textile background…… And O keep going back towards it.

    Love you !
    Cal – Ling

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