Spring, a Time to Renew

We wore all of our coats so much this winter, and so glad to have each and every one of them.

My most recent shearling is from 2007, (the shoemakers daughter syndrome!) still going strong, but I feel like a fresh one would perk me up,

to have something nice to wear on special days.

The older ones get relegated to sloppy weather days, dog walking, and all other daily routine things I do.

I’ve been working with Toshiki on a new design for a new one that will suit me.

I really like the black on black we made for our daughter this year. Something similar but different maybe?

I also love color, and the Fringe!, so much fun. What about you?

Are you feeling a refresher coat is due?

Get a jump start on a plan, (or maybe find that bargain!) at our last show of the season,

Crafts at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown, NY  May1-3

Wow, Those 80’s!

TBT, who remembers these leather jackets we made in the rockin’ 80’s?

So much color! And shoulder pads!

This was one of our more subdued “bomber” styles.

It was a fun time, but I wonder if that era will come back in fashion?

This image was scanned from a slide (remember those?)

taken on our “in house always available” model.

Remember her?


Throwing Back to the Time I was a Young Weaver

Most of you don’t know that my life before leather and shearling was that of textiles.

Growing up loving all things Art & Craft, In college I found my way to the University of

Utah because of its 3d department, expecially the room full of looms, a glass cube set

in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. I spent many all nighters in there,

for the shear love of it, weaving my heart out, watching the sunrise over those hills.

Taking semester breaks back to New York to take classes at FIT in fabric design,

I finished up at the U of U with a BFA in Designer Crafts

(guess I have actually used my degree!)

While in Utah , the great painter and professor Alvin Gittins captured me

with skeins of some yarn I had dyed,

wearing my signature style at the time, a turban and a jacket from Army/Navy surplus.

I love this painting, and feel so lucky for this time of my life spent in Utah.

My Portrait72dpi

Throw Back Thursday, at The Show

Of course I love it when customers come to shows dressed in Toshiki & Maryszka,

especially, when the pieces are years old, well worn and loved, one of a kinds & limited collections.

This woman came to Craft Morristown in one of our leather pieces from 10-15 years ago, along with a one of a kind Toshiki handbag from a small collection done also in that time frame.

Do you have a piece of ours?

We would love to see you in it, and give you your 15 seconds of fame on our At The Show segment!

So come wearing it, or email a pic of you on the street in it!

Happy Spring!