Introducing The Supple Pink Lambskin Tote

Next weekend, we will be introducing our work to the North Fork of Long Island at

Diliberto  Winery in Jamesport

a beautiful quiet location to enjoy wine, thin crust pizza, and craft!

You will think you are in Tuscany, just a short drive (relatively!) from anywhere on Long Island or NYC!

Or come over on the ferry from Connecticut

We will be bringing a selection of our fabric and leather totes,

as  well as a small collection of lambskin totes, as the pink tote below (only three available)

And a tasting of what we are known for, our work in shearling, for those who are new to us

Saturday only, sponsered by LIARTShows


Throwback Thursday + Summer Project

Spending this off season and especially this rainy day trying to organize the ten thousand plus photos that have accumulated in my cloud!

Hopefully I will come up with some good ones to post over the summer.

For today, one in our “Cowboy Series”,  from some of our early years working together.

I was a weaver making jackets, Toshiki started trimming them in leather.

And so it evolved.

I want to say mid ’80’s?

Early Toshiki & Maryszka. Who remembers or has one? Would love to see your picture in it!