Dress Up Tote Bags

Those of you that have followed our work for a while know that occasionally we do small collections of accessories at whim. Usually created to fill a void in my wardrobe,  I needed some dress up totes, to accent all the black I wear and contain the stuff I schlepp and don’t want to put in my handbag, like my yogurt and granola bars I start out with on a day in the city, and fill with the purchases I inevitably acquire! Grab them if you see what you like, there will be no long term production on them. Here are three, constructed in an upolstery weight “velvet”, with double face leather straps which feel soft on the hands and shoulder, and leather bottom for strength. Inside leather pocket to fit any smartphone or whatever you need to find easily.

Price $195.00

_DSC0162 _DSC0163 _DSC0163 2

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