Vogue Knitting Live! NYC

I am going to the opening of Vogue Knitting Live  tonight at the New York Marriott Marquis,

for inspiration, and to see the beautiful yarns from Long Island Livestock Company,

(remember those Llamas and Alpacas I am in love with at her farm?)

textile inspired Jewelry by Cara Romano,

felted work by Miriam Carter,

and so much more I don’t even know about yet!


This is my first time, so excited!

tonight the marketplace is open 5-8

check their website for more info, demostrations, millions of classes

it all sounds so interesting!


Happy New Year!

This picture I took at the Post Office on 34th St. saturday has nothing to do with anything but COLD, and that is our inspiration.

I love the cold (when I am dressed for it)

2˚ saturday, 57˚ today

Shockingly cold forecast for tonight.

If you didn’t pop for that shearling at a show this fall, we are working on new designs and colors to kick off the season at ACC Baltimore

Can’t wait till then?

Give us a call.  212.475.8324 or email m@veryspecialjackets.com