The preview was excellent tonight, and we are looking forward to continuing the excitement, Thursday thru Sunday at  The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show



2 responses to “Launched!

  1. Hi, Toshiki & Maryszka!

    Loved meeting you both at the preview, and Joyce loves the very special jacket
    which Toshiki picked out just for her..I hope you are having as wonderful a time in Philadelphia at the Craft Show as we had; this was our 30th Philadelphia Craft Show Preview as visitors, as well as our 39th Wedding Anniversary “date night”..

    If you have an opportunity, I hope you can drop by Meghan Patrice Riley’s booth;
    she is a young, very talented designer & maker of jewelry, who now lives in Greenwich Village, NYC, not all that far from you…. Meghan has a wonderful, contagious kind of energy, and an abiding love of design. Joyce bought some everyday earrings from her this year, which will also go with the three tiny, yellow diamond eternity rings we ordered from Namu Cho, and the amazing suede & fleece jacket from both of you…

    Thanks for making the evening, and the event, very special for us!
    Peace, Love, Et Joie De Vivre!
    David and Joyce Randolph

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