The Silent Barn

This weekend I was invited to a private party at the Silent Barn, the very hip groundbreaking music venue founded by the son of very good friends of mine, G Lucas Crane, and his cohorts.  Youth + Creative Energy, so exciting to see the space they created to showcase the many talents and trials that may wander thru. Out of town musicians who need a place to crash can stay in the “Canned Ham” in the outdoor space. Besides a legal bar in the front, the back is divided up into cubbies that can be rented out like mini studios where you can launch your dream, or exhibition space, or storage for donated recycled art supplies. There is a barber shop. A hand bag designer.  A photographer. Some a little rough around the edges, some more fine tuned.

The mix, all with sparkles in their eyes.

When I arrived, a drummer was playing in the courtyard.


The Mural


The Canned Ham


Bags by Gear & Needle


Lucas Crane’s studio /Nova Drone headquarters


 At the very end the small exhibiton  space of CSAA.

This work blew me away, and I will follow this artist, Chris Russell,

who draws who he see on the subway.


If you love the idea of the Silent Barn, follow them

Visual Art