I spent the day yesterday wandering around the garment center, doing what they call “sourcing”.  Looking for components of what we do, parts, fabrics, usually invisible or barely visible aspects of a finished piece. It can be exhausting and a time consuming, but when you find the right thing, its pretty great.

I create my own “catalog” with my iphone, and bring the new ideas, or new sources, back to the studio.

If a project is on “the front burner”, I text the image to Toshiki, we discuss it, and it goes in the bag that day.

Here is some of what I looked at yesterday.





If you have seen our work, you have seen the hand tied frog buttons we make. We cover this type of cording with lambskin strips, which have been skived thinly, stitch the edge to make a long leather “rope” which is then tied into a frog, picture detail of frogs on black shearling coat.



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