Red Hook, Pier Glass


A few weeks ago we took a little day trip to Red Hook, Brooklyn, (a really cool place), to visit a celebratory gallery re-opening event at the studio of friends of ours Mary Ellen Buxton & Kevin Kutch of Pier Glass. Damaged badly during hurricane Sandy, they have been working hard, with help from the community and grants, to repair and replace their very costly equipment which was no match for high tide & salt water. We wish them many more happy years creating beautiful work. Go visit, enjoy the beautiful view,  & buy some great glass!


The walk down the pier, you can see the new World Trade Center to the left

Below Mary Ellen & Toshiki, in front of her studio. The metal shutters were closed and latched

but superstorm sandy blew them open and water gushed in.



Some salvage “Art” at the end of the Pier.

Below, Brooklyn Crab, & the bar next door.


One of the best places to eat on the weekends in Red Hook are at the ball fields, from one of the many Vendy winning food trucks! Yum!


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