Well, this is not our living room, they are installations I saw at the Brooklyn Museum during the winter.  But you get the idea. We are taking a week or two off to get our living room repainted and reorganized. So limited blog posts during the month of June!

Wish us luck!




I spent the day yesterday wandering around the garment center, doing what they call “sourcing”.  Looking for components of what we do, parts, fabrics, usually invisible or barely visible aspects of a finished piece. It can be exhausting and a time consuming, but when you find the right thing, its pretty great.

I create my own “catalog” with my iphone, and bring the new ideas, or new sources, back to the studio.

If a project is on “the front burner”, I text the image to Toshiki, we discuss it, and it goes in the bag that day.

Here is some of what I looked at yesterday.





If you have seen our work, you have seen the hand tied frog buttons we make. We cover this type of cording with lambskin strips, which have been skived thinly, stitch the edge to make a long leather “rope” which is then tied into a frog, picture detail of frogs on black shearling coat.



Red Hook, Pier Glass


A few weeks ago we took a little day trip to Red Hook, Brooklyn, (a really cool place), to visit a celebratory gallery re-opening event at the studio of friends of ours Mary Ellen Buxton & Kevin Kutch of Pier Glass. Damaged badly during hurricane Sandy, they have been working hard, with help from the community and grants, to repair and replace their very costly equipment which was no match for high tide & salt water. We wish them many more happy years creating beautiful work. Go visit, enjoy the beautiful view,  & buy some great glass!


The walk down the pier, you can see the new World Trade Center to the left

Below Mary Ellen & Toshiki, in front of her studio. The metal shutters were closed and latched

but superstorm sandy blew them open and water gushed in.



Some salvage “Art” at the end of the Pier.

Below, Brooklyn Crab, & the bar next door.


One of the best places to eat on the weekends in Red Hook are at the ball fields, from one of the many Vendy winning food trucks! Yum!


Shearling & Leather Coat Repairs & Alterations

N O W  I S  T H E  T I M E !

If you have one of our leathers or shearlings, and you need some size alterations or repair work done,

now is the only time of the year we have time to do it !

So don’t hesitate, send us an email with a pic of you in it, and a description of what needs to be done and we will get back to you with an estimate.

Questions?   Call Maryszka   212.475.8324

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

We are so excited to have been selected by the jury to exhibit in the

36th Annual PMA Craft Show

in the category of Leather

The show will be held November 7-10 at the

Convention Center

Mark your calendar, it’s a great show!

This was one of the images we put in our application

A full length coat done in brown napalan shearling, with pieced lambskin design

NewMon210x14 copy

Fashion, the Future

It is always inspiring to view the work of the graduation class at the Museum of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

So interesting to see the young energy and how hard they work to express their visions, and their technical executions.

These were the best in category. What do you think?







Crafts at Lyndhurst

Here is a sweet little lightweight merino shearling jacket

we just finished.

Maybe your size!

Come see it this weekend, on a mannequin in my booth  in the first big  tent,

at Crafts @ Lyndhurst, in Tarrytown, NY.


also great art & artisan work by

Laura Baring-Gould

Dahlia Popovits

Sherwood Forest Design

Kiln Design

Michelle Lalonde

Margaret Wozniak Ceramics

and many many more talented artists.

The weather looks great, so clip this coupon and come!

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 2.12.02 PM