Signature Shearling Style

We had a client call us this summer, who had been wearing a jacket she had gotten from us about seven years ago; she loved the fit and style and wanted the same thing again, but to change it up a bit. This seems to happen more than you might think, someone has a go-to jacket that serves them well, and they don’t want to let go, but need a fresh piece.  In this case she kept the black body, but changed the leather trim from bronze to multi primary colors amid black lambskin tape. She kept the detachable hood, but this time we trimmed it in a curly black lamb, her last was a frosted Toscana.

What’s your favorite winter jacket, that you feel good in and functions well?  Does it have a hood?


3 responses to “Signature Shearling Style

  1. Hi Maryszka,
    Thank you so.o.o much for that wonderful jacket. I get tons of compliments and it’s as warm as the original, and very cosy! You have a lifetime client.

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