In Jackson’s Footsteps

Sometimes it is inspiring to step in the footsteps of an artist, to see what it was like to be there, to imagine. We got to do that yesterday, in slippers, to preserve the paint drips, at the Pollack Krasner House in East Hampton, NY.

Located in the bustling area that is know as “The Hamptons”, the Springs section where they chose to have their studio, is still relatively quiet. It was clear to us that is what they came for, the isolation, to work on their art, not the “art scene” what is what is was to become after artists like Pollack, Krasner, DeKooning, Lichtenstein and others lived in the area.


The floor of the studio


Toshiki captured the view from the kitchen window, and below the view of the wetlands that was opened up after they moved the building that was to become their studio, that once housed fishing equipment, over to the side of the house.